Leela Stuart, RN

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185 SW Shevlin Hixon Dr, Suite 101 , Bend, OR 97701, United States
Gender-Affirming Surgery
Hair Removal
Detailed Information

Leela (she/her/hers) is a Registered Nurse and aesthetic injector at The Lounge in Bend, Oregon. It is Leela’s goal to ensure that every person she cares for is treated with unparalleled humility, dignity and respect.

Leela has training in trauma informed care, LGBTQ+ training and specializes in cosmetic and minimally invasive gender-affirming aesthetic care. Through the utilization of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers she is able to alter, augment, balance facial characteristics, shape and structure. Dermal filler can create a more angled, plump or soft facial features to align with your unique goals and identity. Dermal fillers and neurotoxins can be utilized in conjunction with affirming facial surgery, instead of or to treat complications related to surgery.

Discounts for gender affirming aesthetic care at The Lounge are available through the True You program, a pay-what-you-can program for transgender and gender diverse folx who are otherwise unable to pay for their affirming care.

We look forward to treating you!

Area Served
All of Central Oregon
Ages Served
Adults (18+)
English, Spanish
Insurance/Payment Options
Payment Plan, Financial Assistance Program
Trans 101, Trans-Inclusive Care, Trauma-Informed Care